Wednesday, October 27, 2010

16 Frames: Shortlist for main event

The following films have been shortlisted for the main event:

      NAME                                     DIRECTOR          
                             1. The Silver Coin                                Indu Shrivastava     
                             2. Coffee Meri Jaan                            Gaurav Panjwani
                             3. Before the Last Breath                   Ashish Mishra
                             4. Journey Down the Silver Road      Amit Kumar Dua
                             5. The Harmonium Killers                   Ankit Mehrotra
                             6. Heart of Darkness                          Anubhav Saxena
                             7. Remains                                          Tal Haring
                             8. The Price                                         Vicky Khandpur
                             9. Xamination Fobia                           Gaurav Panjwani
                           10. Not Born Heroes                             Vishesh Mankal
                           11. Staminal                                           Shubhranshu Maurya
                           12. Street Dancers                                Shiraj Kohli
                           13. What goes around, comes             Anand Kusumakar
                                  Back around
                           14. The Last Lesson                              Deepak Mange
                           15. Somebody Loves You                     Rohit Pathak
                           16. How Does It Feel                             Shitij Kohli
                           17. Sahare                                              Ashish Mishra
                           18. The Uninvited                                   Suraj Nair

All the participants are cordially invited to attend the main event to be held on 30th October, 2010 at LH-1, near Department of Management Studies, at 9:30 am.

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